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World War I (select)

April 6, 1917.jpg

Witness Borne's slowly shifting perspective from support of neutrality to endorsement of American entry into World War I

African Americans in Asheville (select)

February 18, 1928.jpg

Please note most of Borne’s depictions of African Americans are racist caricatures. Borne's cartoons provide a window into institutionalized societal…

Election of 1912 (select)

November 3, 1912.png

Explore any presidential race by searching “Election of 1908,” “Election of 1924,” etc. The three-way race in the “Election of 1912” makes this set of…

Tourism in Western North Carolina (select)

September 20, 1927.jpg

From medicinal mountain breezes to conventions and golf, see why everybody wanted to visit Asheville in these cartoons.

Agriculture in Western North Carolina (select)

September 8, 1925.jpg

Drop your plow, gather up some corn and potatoes, and sit back and enjoy this select set of cartoons on agriculture

"Swat That Fly" Campaign

May 4, 1917.jpg

During the early 20th century, Asheville was a hotbed of medical tourism, and people seeking treatment for tuberculosis would visit to obtain the…

Prohibition (select)

September 28, 1927.jpg

Don’t let all of the modern breweries fool you, Asheville voted for city-wide prohibition in 1907, and the state of North Carolina followed suit in…

Entertainment in Asheville (select)

June 17, 1928.jpg

Take a swim in the Aston Park pool, enjoy some baseball at McCormick Field, catch some vaudeville, or attend the Rhododendron Festival in these…

Motherhood (select)

June 2, 1924.jpg

It is never easy to be a mother, but that might have been especially true in early 20th century Asheville based on these cartoons.

Asheville As Person (select)

May 22, 1927.jpg

A hunter, a debutante, a damsel in distress, or a poker player, check out the many ways Borne personified Asheville.